2020 Gathering of Writers

Keynote presentation and Fiction Intensive workshop by Michael Poore (see bottom for details).

2020 Gathering of Writers

Instructors: Faculty Bios
Dates: Thursday, September 24 through Sunday, September 27
Time: Schedule
Location: Zoom (info forthcoming)
Cost: Members: $99;Member + Fiction Intensive/Michael Poore: $149Nonmember: $175; Nonmember + Fiction Intensive/Michael Poore $225

Whether we are writing to connect, understand, entertain, or discover, memory and imagination provide the context for what’s created on the page. This year the Gathering of Writers will take place virtually, starting off with Michael Poore’s Keynote on Thursday, September 24th and ending with an Open Mic night on Sunday, September 27th. The Gathering of Writers is our favorite time of the year when Indiana’s best established and emerging writers will meet for a full day of classes on the writing craft.

You’ll leave full of inspiration, armed with writing drafts ripe for experimentation—along with a hundred other writers who feel the same way.

About the Fiction Intensive workshop: Big Drama / Little Drama: Making the Awesome Relatable (or: Stories That Read Like a House on Fire)

This workshop is based on an idea I’ve explored with other writers: using small conflicts to drive and illuminate the narrative between larger conflicts.

This class will challenge participants to bring a more personal lens to characters facing epic conflicts. Whether we’re talking about short work or full-length projects, characters in trouble on a large scale run the risk of being overwhelmed and defined by their challenges. We’ll talk about and practice ways to use imagination and personal experience to make the awesome more relatable, and find the key to the universe in a lost ballcap or an argument about a foot massage. We will examine literature in which this technique appears to good effect, and delve into the meaning of the relationship between the universal and the specific.

About the keynote: ‘Playing the Dying Man.’

This presentation will be based on the idea that we, as writers — and the characters we create — do not exist as ‘ourselves.’ To quote Peter Schjeldahl, from his acclaimed New Yorker article ‘The Art of Dying’: “Do you imagine that we speak “as ourselves”? No such selves exist.”

The talk will draw, to a degree, on Schjeldahl’s article, exploring the idea that we, in the act of writing, play roles in somewhat the same way as a stage performer.

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