What if you had lived almost 10,000 lives, and then learned you had just five more to get it right?

Reincarnation Blues


Reincarnation Blues is the story of Milo, the oldest and wisest soul on Earth. He’s also painfully in love with his girlfriend, Suzie, who happens to be Death herself.

(Del Rey. Available here.)




The Devil loves cows. He’s made of wood. And he’s really not such a bad guy, if you get to know him.

Up Jumps the Devil

Up Jumps the Devil is the story of John Scratch. He really is the Devil, and he has been bumming around Earth since he got kicked out of heaven and separated from his girlfriend, an angel named Arden. If he can somehow make the Earth as wonderful as it could be, maybe she’ll join him down here. He’ll do whatever it takes…even if it means working with musicians or becoming a reality TV star.

(Ecco, 2012)

For young readers:

This is a story of things that are not possible.

It’s not possible for Amy to see spirits. (She does.)
It’s not possible for Amy and Moo to speak telepathically. (They do.)
It’s not possible to time-travel. (Yet…)
And it’s definitely not possible that witches exist. (Right?)

Two Girls, a Clock, and a Crooked House is the story of Amy and Moo, two brave girls whose unusual friendship carries them through time and into adventure. Lightning! Witches! Strange disappearances, wild cows, and a terrible, nature-destroying machine are all part of the past and future these young heroes must face.

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